Gardening Network, how does your garden grow?

In a pea pod, our goals are fostering community, stewardship, self-sufficiency and mutual aid all while playing around in the dirt.

The long of it is that we seek to make gardening accessible to people from all walks of life in the Southwest and Verdun. Through the maintenance of a one-stop online resource tool and the planning and promotion of relevant workshops and activities in the community, we aim to bring people together at both the individual and organisational level to share their knowledge and resources. Although our focus is on gardening, we do not limit ourselves to it.

To residents, whether they are wanting to start a garden or looking to find the nearest compost bin, we give easy access to local resources, a host of opportunities to acquire skills, and a network of like-minded individuals.

To members of local organisations, we offer access to a network of similar groups in the Southwest and Verdun, both virtually and in person, and the benefit of the collective promotion of their organisations in the community. In other words, together we are stronger.

Can you dig it?

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